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Spheerol™ EPLX 200-2 is a multi-purpose high-performance greases based on mineral oil and a lithium-complex soap. It is formulated to provide excellent high-temperature lubrication performance.It possesses EP load-carrying properties and contain additives selected to enhance oxidation, corrosion and wear resistance.Castrol Spheerol EPLX 200-2 is a multi-purpose grease based on mineral oil with a
Castrol Syntrans 75W-85 is a full synthetic manual transmission lubricant with outstanding low temperature fluidity, oxidation stability and synchroniser performance. Eaton has approved Castrol Syntrans 75W-85 for extended service intervals in mid-range transmissions.Castrol Syntrans 75W-85 is recommended for manual transmissions where excellent synchroniser performance is required or where sever
Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus 75W-90 is a full synthetic multipurpose manual transmission and final drive lubricant. It may be used in synchronised manual transmssions and final drives/differentials of a wide range of vehicles (commercial vehicle, construction equipment, passenger cars) where API GL-4 or API GL-5 fluids are required and it carries a number of approvals.Fully synthetic multipurpo
Full synthetic continuous variable transmission fluid developed for Audi. It is the only CVTF approved for use in the VL300 and VL3800 multitronic (CVT chain) transmission applications in the Audi A4 (up to 2007 models), Audi A6 and Audi A8.Castrol Transmax CVT, formulated with Smooth Drive Technology™, is a full synthetic fluid for use in continuously variable transmissions (CVT) of most Japanes
Castrol Transmax Dual, formulated with Smooth Drive Technology ™, is a full synthetic dual clutch transmission fluid. This product is approved and factory-filled by major equipment and car manufacturers, including GetragFord, Audi, Volvo, Mitsubishi and Chrysler (European models) and is suitable for use in VW, SEAT and Skoda (6 speed) DSG. Transmax Dual, formulated with Smooth Drive Technology™,
Castrol Tribol™ GR CLS 2 (previously called Olit™ CLS) is lithium/calcium based extremely water-resistant high performance grease. It protects against wear and is optimally suited for long-term application and long relubrication intervals. Its extreme resistance against water, caustic soda and detergents guarantees high operational reliability even under aggressive ambient conditions. In progress
Castrol Rustilo™ 612 (previously called SafeCoat™ 612) is a general purpose short term inhibited protective oil ideal for use where solvent based products are unacceptable.Castrol Rustilo 612 (formerly called SafeCoat 612) is a low-viscosity corrosion protection oil for applications where solvent-based products are not suitable or in which volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are not desired. Rustil
The Castrol Hyspin™ ZZ hydraulic oil range of lubricants are based on a carefully selected ashless (zinc free) additive system designed to meet and exceed the most exacting performance standards.A range of non-zinc, mineral oil based hydraulic fluids proven to be resistant to the effects of “dieseling” in highly stressed systems such as plastic injection moulding.Designed for use in all hydraulic
Castrol Hyspin ZH-M (former product name Castrol Vitamol ZH-M) is a special central hydraulic fluid. Selected base oils and an excellent additive combination suppress hissing and grazing noises. Special anti-corrosion inhibitors prevent rust and ensure a longer life of the inserts. Due to the low viscosity index and a low evaporation loss optimal functional reliability is guaranteed.
The Castrol Hyspin™ Spindle Oil range is based upon highly refined mineral oil enhanced with rust and oxidation inhibitors and formulated especially for the lubrication of high speed and precision machine tool spindle bearings.Castrol Hyspin Spindle Oil has been specially formulated to provide outstanding protection against rust and oxidation while demonstrating good lubricity. These types of oil
The Castrol Hyspin™ HVI range of high viscosity index (VI) oils is based on a carefully selected ashless (zinc free) additive system designed to meet and exceed the most exacting performance standards.Hyspin HVI oils are intended for severely stressed hydraulic systems requiring a high level of anti-wear performance and fine filtration. In addition, Hyspin HVI exhibits excellent corrosion protect
Castrol Hyspin™ H 540 (previously called Castrol H™ 540) is a hydraulic oil specified HVLP according DIN 51502. It fulfills the specification TL 9150-0035 of the Bundesamtes für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung (Federal Office for Defence Engineering and Provision) and NATO code H 540.Hyspin H 540 has very good air and water separation ability, minimal foaming tendency and an optimal corrosion protect
The Castrol Hyspin DSP Range are Zinc free Extreme Pressure and Antiwear hydraulic oil based on mineral oil.For hydraulics operating under high pressures and temperatures and additional high requirements on the deterging properties.Fulfills the requirements of DIN 51 524, Teil 2 – HLP, DIN 51 517, Part 3-CLP, ISO 6743/4-L-HM and Müller Weingarten specification Formulated without heavy metals.High
Castrol Hyspin AWS™ hydraulic oil range is based upon highly refined mineral oil enhanced with a stabilised zinc additive system.Hyspin AWS has been specially formulated to provide good anti-wear and thermal stability performance using proven additive technology. The careful blend of additives with a high quality base stock ensures that Hyspin AWS has excellent hydrolytic and oxidative stability is an open source PR 4 social bookmarking site that uses content management system as its base in order to let you easily submit your own valuable social weblinks.

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