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Pest control is something that is needed by almost every household on a regular basis. Many people have a notion that pest control is needed only at farms and homes present near farms and forests. Urban homes are equally susceptible to pest attacks. The volume and type of pests varies from place to place. Squirrels, Raccoons, Snakes, Birds, Skunks, Opossum, Bats, Foxes, Coyotes might be a nuisanc
Having a red itchy welt in the morning once you wake up from your sleep is sign enough that your home might be infested with bed bugs. You need to look for the beg bugs under mattresses, bed frames, furniture, carpets any place that is fit enough for these small creatures to hide in the day time.
Rat infestation is evident in the form of rat droppings, urine odor and gnawed holes, footprints, rub and gnaw marks plus unusual pet behavior. The infestation is severe if you start seeing the rodents in day time. Rats are nocturnal and move about places at night only. However if the sighting becomes common in day time the population is on the rise and it is high time you need to involve a profe
Ants are the most common pests that are found in homes. They are the most hard working insects in the world. You will quickly notice ant infestation in your home since they get busy with their work of collecting food and building a shelter for themselves. You might find them carrying bits of the lestover food to their nest. If you have a pet (a cat or a dog) you might find the ants in their bowl
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