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Nisab is, in fact, the minimum amount of wealth which a person must have before Alm-giving. There are many calculations of Zakat in Islamic traditions (Hadith). Usually, Nisab is 20 dinars for gold and 200 dirhams for silver based on the original 1 to 10 exchange rate.

Alhijaz Tours has become an expert and professional in creating and designing the amazing, comfortable and affordable Umrah packages which covers the services of accommodation at a very reasonable and decent 4 star hotel, air conditioned local transport, air tickets and appropriate guidance during your whole journey.
It is our initial step before going to religious obligation, we must find the Hajj and Umrah travel agent in UK and Visa service provider which makes our Ibadah hassle-free. Compare 4 and 5 travel agencies in term of prices, quality, and services. Don't be late to book your Hajj and Umrah deals to complete your religious responsibility.
Why People Perform Haj and Umrah? This question comes in mind of Muslims several time and we are here to guide you about your Hajj and Umrah journeys. Read out it with full detail and gain the information about Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage.

Islamic Travel UK offers a favorable minute for every single Muslim brothers and sister to set out on this blessed adventure to visit Makkah and Madinah with phenomenal travel offers for Ramadan Umrah Packages more than ever. Fill in the points of interest and pick the deal which Islamic Travel Provides Inexpensive Hajj and Umrah.
The Holy Quran is a divine book of Muslim Ummah and a complete code of a life. There is a solution to every problem in it. Muslims recite it daily and recall the Allah and His golden words. It is a 4th noble Book that is revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).
Every physically fit of the Muslim is required to make the heavenly travel to Makkah to play out the Sunnah worship Umrah. As Hajj and Umrah being great thoroughly considered as fifth mainstays of Islam from this time amid the entire adventure you are important to keep up the virtue of this voyage by being basic and Allah dreading identity.
Hajj is a mandatory pilgrimage for all muslims and most of them who are physically, financially and mentally fit aspire to visit Mecca and Madina atleast once in their lifetime. Another pilgrimage which the Muslims across the world look forward too, although it is not mandatory is Umrah.
Hajj groups organized by some can be really amazing for you. When you are thinking of traveling Umrah then you should consider some famous tour companies which allow you to see sacred hajj and Umrah pilgrimage in the best way possible. is an open source PR 4 social bookmarking site that uses content management system as its base in order to let you easily submit your own valuable social weblinks.

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