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At the present time where everyone busy in their hectic routines and has forgotten the Islamic teachings and they don't offer the Salah regularly and don't make dua therefore, we are here to present to you the How to perform umrah and duas. Must read it out and make your journey outstanding.
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Umrah is the best obligation of Islam .If You want to know the best age to perform Umrah and give more reward click on link visit our blog.
Umrah-ul-Mufradah is performed at any time of the year and there is no objection for the male body to perform it with pilgrim-fellows. However, most people prefer Ramadan time as month offers a shower of blessings.

Islam is a religion of complete knowledge and information about every aspect of life. The best way of salvation is to follow the teachings of Islam and performing the Ibadan such as the Ibadan of Umrah and Hajj but which age is perfect for Umrah and Hajj worship is the main question that really matters.
At the time of performing Umrah, many people show the term of Shirk at the time of kissing the Black Stone. Actually, Shirk means to associate some other object with Allah-Almighty which is unpardoned sin.
Some Muslims tribes did not want to kiss the Black Stone as considering it to Shirk. But the kissing of Black Stone could not be ignored or should not consider as Shirk because our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) kissed the Hijr e Aswad, so being a Muslim it is our duty to follow the Sunna of Prophet (SAW).
Plenty of pilgrims arrange the Umrah in such a way that they can also visit the extraneous Hangouts in Medina to stroll after Umrah. In this regard, they prefer the free spell from hassle of business, education or any other tough relevancy.

As science has proved that the things are attracted towards its essence and the Mecca is the heart of earth that’s why the people of all kinds are attracted to touch its origin.
Eventually, the Pagan Arabs almost had been chased them and reached very near to Cave of Thawr, so for the meantime God sent a spider that immediately wove a cobweb on the door of Cave and rescued to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by the order of God.
Spiritual pleasure is indeed in God’s remembrance, however the Umrah is the best way to recall the Allah-Almighty in His own House where the man is very close to Him.
The Holy Prophet (SAW) asked a woman,’’ what kept you from performing Hajj with us? She replied,’’ We had two camels and one had been taken for Hajj by my husband and son, while other is just for taking the water to fulfill our amenities. At this the Holy Prophet (SAW) said,’’ you must perform Umrah during the Ramadan as it equal to Hajj.
According to other scriptures that before the advent of Muhammad (SAW) the Tawaf e Kaaba was performed from Hindus who made the circled to please the Goddess. However, after the dominance of Islam the Muhammad (SAW) forcibly changed the whole ceremony.
In the very start the presence of caring uncle known as Abu Talib no one could touch the Holy Prophet (SAW), but after the death of Abu Talib the pagan Arabs had increased the pressure on Holy Prophet (SAW) and His followers that’s why they were to migrate from Mecca to Medina. is an open source PR 4 social bookmarking site that uses content management system as its base in order to let you easily submit your own valuable social weblinks.

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