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Human beings have a prodigious sagacity of ethics and morality. They do not fit any chiefly religion, race and creed. These potentials are the universal usual of the moral system. Sympathy, honesty, bravery, and fairness are documented moral standards and are permitted by all units of life.
A worship has played an important role in the life of a human as through worship one can create a link with his Creator. A worship has an exclusive role in religion Islam as it expresses that a person is a true Muslim who lives his or her life according to the will of Allah the Almighty by accepting His instructions and applying them in real life.
There are numbers of events which took place in the land of Arabia between Islam and idolatry. After the open announcement of Prophethood from the Holy Prophet (SAW), the Quraysh of Makkah were started to mount pressure on the Muslim believers as well as the Muhammad (SAW). Certainly, they wanted to renounce their cause and forced them to idol worship.
In the 9th year of the Hijra (migration), Islam spread in the whole Arab land with its glory. The Messenger of Allah (SWT) got a lot of worldly things and. The financial condition of the Muslims improved as well as the wealth of the Islamic state increased. In spite of all kinds of worldly luxuries, the Messenger of Allah-Almighty continued to lead a simple and modest life.
Umrah, which is the sacred crave of every believer in Islam, is an optional prayer, which involves the visit to Holy Kaabah (considered as the House of Allah).
Natural fragrance usually has been highly advised in Islam, yet in some certain circumstances particularly in the state of Ihram using perfume is strictly prohibited. It is described that during the state of Ihram Umar (RA) sensed the pleasing odor from Mu'aawiyah (RA), so meanwhile, he ordered him to go back, and wash it off as he had heard from the Messenger of God that pilgrims must be free of
After Jesu (PBUH) people of Arab again came into Satan words and had started wrong-doings. They had crossed all the limits and there was the rule of might is right.

The literal meanings of Taqiyyah are the safeguard, defend or saving a life in the state of fear. However, in common words, telling a lie outwardly but not inwardly and withdraw from what the opponent demands on the gunpoint. As far as Islam is concerned, so telling a lie is permissible in different circumstances to save the life and create harmony in the society as well.

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In fact, Al-Riba is an Islamic word which means the exchanging between two things at a different level. Certainly, Al-Riba in Islam is prohibited and is considered a major sin. In Islamic tradition, it is matched as the sin of Zina. Actually, the interest in the form of usury makes it haraam as the consequences are very harmful to society and both for people who are committed in such sin.
Hijab means to cover the body and head from women except the parts which are essential to move the body, recognize the way, and eat the food. So, in this context the parts which are not necessary to cover, are hands, foot, eyes, nose, and mouth.
No doubt, Islam strictly orders to give the rights of women rather than other religions in the world. As for as, the concern is the mother, so she has tremendous significance in the world of Islam. Mother plays an important role in the life of a child from birth to youth. She fights with all…
Al-Munafiqun is an Arabic word which interpretation is “having double-face inwardly and outwardly”. The term Al-Munafiqun is derived from the Holy Quran in which Allah (SWT) specifically cursed to those people who were seemingly being a Muslim but interiorly they were confederates of Pagan.

In fact, Faith is an abstract belief and it is the first pillar of Islam. No one could enter the circle of Islam unless he/she does not have a strong belief in one God. However, after accepting the Islam the typical rules are obviously applied to someone else. is an open source PR 4 social bookmarking site that uses content management system as its base in order to let you easily submit your own valuable social weblinks.

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